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PLATINUM Next H (-86°C) - (Cert. 241154-2017-CE-ITA-NA-PS Rev. 0.1 / Not. Body 2460)

Ultra Chest freezers that combines the robust structure of traditional insulation e the powerful of ColdBrain™ electronic board

  • High temperature stability
  • Low noise
  • Temperature chart recorder
  • Port hole
  • Easy moving
  • User friendly & cute Italian design
  • Temperature chart recorder


ColdBrain™ Multifunction electronic controller:

  • Three microprocessors for superior reliability and redundant security
  • Full traceability of temperature and alarms in graph format, available on a wide display
  • New On-Screen Messaging System
  • Internal memory for electronic data logging
  • Data stored for more than 3 months
  • Secure Digital (SD) memory card to download and transfer temperature and event log data from freezers to PCs in unalterable format.
  • Power failures alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Fault conditions and maintenance warnings
  • Back-up battery
  • Remote alarm  contact for external alarm and monitoring systems.
  • Ethernet connection


Robust & Versatile

  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) interior which prevents rust e minimizes ice formation.
  • Wide selection of racks and boxes.
  • Inner insulate polystyrene inner doors
  • Environment friendly HCFC-free refrigerant.
  • Sealed cooling system based on a proprietary “cascade” cycle.
  • Several options available: BIOGUARD system, CO2 and LN2 back-up system, 23 mm and 50 mm ports for extra probes, RS232/RS485 serial connection, Cryolog software for monitoring of multiple freezers.


Increase the security of your freezer with BIOGUARD® access control (accessory) that guarantees a complete access control based on personal key card. With this accessory the door is equipped with patented transponder system which enables the door opening by a card to authorized personnel only.

Bioguard® provides full traceability and access control:

  • Who did open the door?
  • When did you open the door?
  • How long was the door kept open?



(Updated il 10.10.2017)