They are used in all those situations in which it is necessary to protect the product from harmful effects deriving from the uncontrolled diffusion of airport contaminants during its handling.

Since these are not biological safety cabins, they CANNOT be used for handling pathogens.


It is used in the laboratories of Microbiology, Virology, Haematology, Cell cultures; is increasingly used in innovative research fields and in particular for the handling in sterility of:


• Non-pathogenic cell cultures


• Quality control in the pharmaceutical and food industry


• Micromechanical assemblies




The POLARIS model cabins produced by ALS are defined as: Vertical Laminar Flow as they are able to satisfy the performances described in the previous paragraph. Class ISO 3 according to EN 14644-1 standards




• Product protection: sterility of the working area above ISO class 3 according to EN 14644-1



  • External structure in epoxy powder coated cold-rolled steel for excellent corrosion resistance to the attack by aggressive common chemicals
  • Rear wall in epoxy coated steel, designed to conform to requirements and pass the “cleanability test”
  • Work surface in stainless steel AISI 304L fixed in one piece
  • Front window: Stratified hinged safety glass to give easy access to large items. It is provided with gas springs to keep it open during maintenance or sanitization operations
  • Filtration: H14 HEPA/ULPA filter with an efficiency better than 99,995 % MPPS (EN-1822)
  • Prefiltration: Inlet G3 pre-filter efficiency 80≤AM≤90 according to EN 779 and UNI 10339
  • Operation Condition: Air cleanliness in Class ISO 3 as per ISO EN 14644-1
  •  Motor blower: direct coupled fan, electronic controlled to maintain a constant LAF of 0,45m/sec, and compensate for a partially clogged filter up to a maximum plenum pressure of 40 mm of water
  • Servicing side glass with ports for service taps installation
  • The user-friendly practical keyboard and the rear-lit LCD (optional) will continuously display all required data keeping the user constantly informed of the cabinet conditions in operation
  • Lighting: fluorescent tubes in built-in housing, placed outside the sterile area.
  • D.O.P.-DEHS inlet port for testing the HEPA/ULPA filters
  • Magnetic and removable UV sterilizing lamp (optional) that can be easily placed in each area of the back wall. It is completed with two switch-off countdown timers, one variable on a 0-3 hours scale (1-minute steps), the other set to 3 fix