BIOBAN cabinets produced by Steril are designed and manufactured to fulfil and satisfy the European Norm EN12469. 

Routinelly used in laboratory of microbiology, virology, haematology and cell culture.

Furthermore, used in innovative fields of scientific research and above all in the manipulation of:

•          Recombinant DNA

•          Oncogenic Virus

•          Pathogenic agents

For a correct use and application of the cabinet here described, it is necessary to refer to the appropriate standard norm and rules in force in the country where the cabinet is used.

Technical Specification

Back panel in stainless steel AISI 304L “2B” finishing, thickness 12/10.

Working surface in stainless steel AISI 304L “2B” finishing, divided in sectors removable and autoclavable (4 sectors for mod. 48 and 6 sectors for mod. 72), available both in perforated and solid version.

Sidewalls in toughened safety glass.

Front window made in toughened safety glass electrically driven, 2,5° slope for optimum ergonomic worker posture.

Lighting on working surface by means of fluorescent lighting fitted in non-contaminated area.

Minimum level of lighting 1.000 lux.

Construction structure in steel epoxy-polyester powder coated, resistant to the most common industrial disinfectants.

Ventilation system by means of n°1 motor blower dedicated to the one-way airflow in the working chamber, equal to 70% of the total involved air and to exhaust the remaining 30%.

The motor blower is centrifugal type, direct driven motor with double aspiration and protection factor IP55.

Air filtration, both recirculate and exhaust air by means of H14 HEPA filters with efficiency 99,995% MPPS as per EN 1822 (EU14 with efficiency 99,999% tested with DOP/DOS @ 0.3 ?m). Both filters will be tested with scanning method for integrity with DOP/DOS test.

UV germicidal lamp on back stainless steel panel.


Command and Controls

Air ventilation control by means of automatic regulation of the revolution velocity of the motor blower. One high-resolution flow rate volumetric device, directly interfaced to microprocessor, achieves the automatic regulation. The microprocessor guarantees the activity of the motor blower and controls the optimal function even in presence of effects caused by progressive clogging of the HEPA filters.

Alarm device optical (red signal light visible from working position and display message) and acoustic (buzzer) type, activated, at real time, by the microprocessor, showing the kind of alarm on a wide alpha numeric display.


Monitoring with alarms of the following parameters:

•          Exhaust flow rate out of the pre-set range;

•          Laminar air flow rate out of the pre-set range;

•          Failure of the motor blower;

•          Front window in wrong position;


Alpha numeric display showing:

•          Laminar air flow speed in m/s;

•          Date and time

•          Hours counters for cabinet life

•          UV Lamp run hours

•          HEPA filters run hours

•          Date of last HEPA filters change

•          Date of last service

•          Date of last power failure

•          Change language

•          Change password

•          Setting UV timer program

•          Setting MSC decontamination program


Standard features

•          Fluorescent lighting

•          Power socket 4A, IP 55 (internal back panel-right side).

•          DOP/DOS 100% test inlet hose-barb port (internal under worktop - left side)

•          3 holes (19 mm diameter) on both side windows (for fluid taps installation or other connections) with plastic caps.

•          UV germicidal lamp 30 W on back stainless steel panel wavelength 253.7 nm (UV-C).