Biohazard Safety Cabinets (BSC) are used in all those situations where it is necessary to protect the operator and the environment from harmful effects deriving from the uncontrolled spread of airport contaminants and, in equal measure, until no environmental interference of a microbiological nature involves and compromises the product during its manipulation.

They are normally used in the laboratories of Microbiology, Virology, Haematology, Cell cultures.

They find an ever-increasing use in innovative research fields and in particular for the manipulation of:

• Oncogenic viruses

• Recombinant DNA

• Pathogens

Regarding the correct use and correct application of the equipment covered by this technical data sheet, reference should be made to the regulations in force in the relevant countries of use.

The STERILSAFE series cabins produced by ALS are defined as:

  •  Class II in that they are equipped with a partial front working opening designed to allow the intake of 30% of the total air in play at a minimum speed of 0.4 m / s and a recirculation system of the remaining 70% which is sent on the laminar flow work area at an average speed of 0.4 m / s (as defined by the EN 12469 standards).
  •  Type A1, according to NSF 49 (U.S.A.) regulations, as they can be used in safety conditions even by returning the portion of expelled air from the front barrier to the environment.
  • Type A2 as, according to NSF 49 (U.S.A.) regulations, the expelled air quota can be channelled towards the outside of the room (for more technical details see the dedicated paragraph)
  • Certification The BSC of the STERILSAFE serie, model 48 (120cm) and 72 (180cm) are certified by TUV according to EN 12469:2000 The model 36 (90cm) and 60 (150cm) are designed and manufactured according to the same EN 12469:2000 but they’re not certified.

External structure in epoxy powder coated cold-rolled steel for excellent corrosion resistance to the attack by aggressive common chemicals.

Rear wall in stainless steel AISI 304 L, designed to conform to requirements and pass the “cleanability test” according to EN12469:2000.

Work surface in stainless steel AISI 316L consisting of sections (or in one piece upon request) which are easily removable for carrying out routine cleaning and/or autoclaving sterilization procedures; closed or perforated on request.

Front window: electrically operated vertically sliding safety glass sash window

Re-circulating and extractor fans: the ‘S’-Series are supplied with single centrifugal fan, whilst models of the ‘D’ Series with double centrifugal fan (main and exhaust) to provide complete operator, product and environmental protection. Moreover the ‘D’ models fitted with double motor-fan are designed and are also suitable to discharge the filtered air outside the laboratory through a ducting system if required.

Filtration:H14 HEPA/ULPA filters with an efficiency better than 99,995 % MPPS (EN-1822).

Operation Condition: Air cleanliness in Class ISO 3 as per ISO EN 14644-1.


The user-friendly practical keyboard and the rear-lit LCD will continuously display all required data keeping the user constantly informed of the cabinet conditions in operation.