VBH Compact

VBH Compact cabinets produced by Steril are designed to fulfill and satisfy the European Norm EN12469 and country standards (presently superseded by EN12469) like German DIN 12950/10, French NF44-201 and English BS 5726.


VBH Compact cabinets are manufactured with a frontal working opening for the aspiration of 30% of the total air involved, at a minimum velocity of 0,40 m/s, and the remaining 70% is recirculated through a HEPA filter in the working chamber with a mean laminar flow velocity of 0,40 m/s (as defined by European standard EN 12469: 2000). The containment index, evaluated on the total surface of the front working opening, corresponds to APF (Aperture Protection Factor) equal or more than 1 x 105 according EN12469. The microprocessor monitors in real time all critical parameters of the unit (laminar air flow velocity, exhaust flow rate and position of the front screen) and controls the optimal function of the fans even if in presence of effects caused by progressive clogging of the HEPA filters.


Work chamber and spillage tray in stainless steel AISI 304L “2B” finishing. Working surface in stainless steel AISI 304L “2B” finishing, removable and autoclavable in perforated and solid version. Hinged front window, in laminated safety glass; ergonomic opening 150°. Maximum free height with open screen: 540 mm. Full vision height of 535 mm at operational condition. Ergonomic front closure panel in anodized aluminium complete of germicidal UV lamp. Lighting on working surface by means of 2 fluorescent electronic lamps fitted in non-contaminated area. Construction structure in steel epoxy-polyester powder painted. Ventilation system by means of n°2 IP55 protection factor motor blowers. Recirculating and exhaust air filtration achieved by H14 HEPA filters as per EN 1822 (with efficiency 99.995% MPPS). Maintenance completely from the front of the cabinet.


Microprocessor monitoring with alarms of the following parameters:

  • Exhaust flow rate out of the pre-set range;
  • Laminar air flow velocity out of the pre-set range;
  • Front window in wrong position;
  • Fans failure.


  • Decontamination program.
  • UV Germicidal lamp.
  • UV timer program.
  • Power socket 4A IP55.
  • Vacuum air line.
  • Fuel gas line.


  • PC interface for monitoring and remote servicing with lithium battery.
  • Double HEPA exhaust filter.
  • Activated carbon exhaust filter.
  • Support stand.
  • Chest of 3 drawers on pivoting wheels.




VBH 36 C2


VBH 48 C2


VBH 72 C2