• Safety cabinets for the handling of cytostatic drugs

  • CTH


CTH C2 produced by ALS are a triple absolute filter cabinets and are defined Class II as designed with a frontal working opening for the aspiration of 30% of the total air involved, at a minimum velocity of 0,40 m/sec., and the remaining 70% is recirculated through a HEPA filter in the working chamber with a laminar flow velocity between of 0,25 and 0,5 m/sec (as defined by DIN 12980 and by EN 12469).


Operator Protection

The containment index, evaluated on the total surface of the front working opening, is equal or less than 5 CFU for not disturbance test or Apf equal or more than 1 x 105 according EN12469.

Product Protection

Sterility in the working area higher than ISO Class 5 according to ISO EN 14644 (Class 100/M3.5 according to Federal Standard 209E) @ 0.3 and 0.5 μm particles. Equal or less than 5 CFU per test, according product protection test EN12469 and Equal or less than 2 CFU per test, according cross contamination test EN12469.

Environmental Protection

By filtration of the exhaust air through H14 HEPA filter with efficiency 99,995% MPPS as per EN 1822 (EU14 with efficiency 99,999% tested with DOP/DOS @ 0.3 μm). It is suggested, except for particular cases, to duct outside the exhaust air as recommended by DIN 12980.

Command and Controls

Air ventilation control by means of automatic regulation of the revolution velocity of the motor blower. Two highresolution flow rate volumetric devices, directly interfaced to microprocessor, achieve the automatic regulation. The microprocessor guarantees the activity of the motor blowers and controls the optimal function even in presence of effects caused by progressive clogging of the HEPA filters. Alarm device optical (red signal light visible from working position and display message) and acoustic (buzzer) type, activated, at real time, by the microprocessor, with indication of type of alarm activate showing on a wide alpha numeric display.

Monitoring with alarms of the following parameters:

  • Exhaust flow rate out of the pre-set range;
  • Laminar air flow velocity out of the pre-set range;
  • Front window in wrong position;
  • Alpha numeric display showing:
  • Laminar air flow speed in m/s;
  • Exhaust air flow rate in m3/h
  • Date and time
  • Hours counters for cabinet life
  • UV Lamp run hours
  • HEPA filters run hours
  • Date of last HEPA filters change
  • Date of last service
  • Date of last power failure
  • Change language
  • Change password
  • Setting UV timer program
  • Setting MSC decontamination program




CTH 36 C2 with solid worktop in 3 segments


CTH 48 C2 with solid worktop in 4 segments


CTH 72 C2 with solid worktop in 6 segments