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TOPFLOW 3 Mobile LAF cabinet for LAB animals cages changing

Top Flow 3 is a double fan, double side operated vertical laminar airflow cabinet, with partial recirculation. This unit is manufactured like a Class II microbiological safety cabinet with 0.40 m/s mean LAF velocity, front opening inward air velocity more than 0.40 m/s and visual/acoustic alarms in compliance to European standard EN 12469: 2000.

Top Flow 3 is specifically designed for manipulating and passing of mice or other experimental animals, from dirty cages to clean cages, in a sterile area, with protection for operator, animal and environment. An electrical driven lifting system of the whole cabinet allows the optimum ergonomic worker posture.

Main and Exhaust HEPA filter: H14, 99.995% efficiency MPPS according to EN 1822 (99,999% DOP test efficiency at 0,3 ?m);

Main and Exhaust filters HEPA are fitted according to negative seal principle to avoid any escape of contaminated particles and they are testable with DOP for filter integrity).

Pre-filter (F5) installed below the working surface, to extend filters life and to prevent blockage of motor blower

Cleanness of air in working area is class ISO 5 @ 0.3 and 0.3 ?m particles according to ISO EN 14644-1 (Class M3.5/100 according to FS209E).

Exterior structure in carbon-steel (12/10) white coated with epoxy polyester powder RAL 9010

Work surface and harm-rest in stainless steel AISI 304L scotch brite

Drain basin under the aspiration part of the work surface, made in stainless steel AISI 304L with rounded edge;

Protection grid, for main HEPA filter made by anodized aluminium.

Side windows in 5 mm Safety Glass.

N° 2 hinged frontal screens, one per side, in 4+4 mm double layer Laminated Safety Glass with anodised aluminium frame with aperture height in working position of 290 mm. Opening angle of 150° to obtain a free aperture section of 1160 x 530 mm (w x h).

N° 2 soft touch control panel, one in each side in order to work with a cabinet like two independent cabinets (see description below).

N° 2 front closure in plexiglas.

Fluorescent lights installed outside the contamination area (2x15Watt) to obtain 400 lux (unbothered for animals).

Easy maintenance of the motorblower and of the HEPA filters from both front side of cabinet.

Two lateral handles for movement and positioning.

External dimension: 1400 x 840 x 1980 mm (wxdxh).

Working chamber dimension: 1160 x 700 x 674 mm (wxdxh).

Base supplied with stainless steel wheels and brakes (125 mm diameter) and electrical adjustable device for regulation of work surface height from 800 mm to 1100 mm; Level of work surface is 100 mm under level of harm-rest.