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TOPFLOW 2 Mobile LAF cabinet for laboratory animal cages emptying

Top Flow 2 is a single fan cabinet manufactured like a Class I microbiological safety cabinet with inward air velocity more than 0.80 m/s, 100% exhausted through an HEPA filter and visual/acoustic alarms in compliance to European standard EN 12469: 2000. Top Flow 2 is designed for emptying out and cleaning of cages, in a sterile area, with protection given to operator and environment. The unit is supplied with one garbage trolley with stainless steel wheels. 

Technical characteristics

Exhaust HEPA filter: efficiency 99.95% MPPS H13 (99.99% 0.3 m DOP test), 305x610x292; with protection grid in order to avoid unattended blockage by foreign objects. Pre filters: EU3 cells according to EN 779 400x500x22mm with quick fixing system and access through an hinged panel from the work area. Prefilter protection grid made of stainless steel AISI 304L scotch brite finish. Electronic board with microprocessor system to control all functioning of the cabinet: and automatic regulation of the fan speed fan to compensate the blockage of the filter, alarms, manages of the utilities.

Monitoring with alarms of the following parameters:

  • Intake air flow velocity out of the pre-set range;
  • Failure of the motor blower;
  • Front window in wrong position;


Alphanumeric display showing:

  • Laminar air flow speed in m/s;
  • Date and time
  • Hours counters for cabinet life
  • UV Lamp run hours
  • HEPA filters run hours
  • Date of last HEPA filters change
  • Date of last service
  • Date of last power failure
  • Change language
  • Change password

Soft touch control panel.

Intake airflow velocity more than 0.8m/s* (as per Class I bio-safety cabinet) automatically adjusted and monitored by the microprocessor system. (*Corresponding to 800 m3/h).

External structure made of steel epoxy polyester powder coated, resistant to the most common industrial disinfectant.

Hinged solid work surface made of stainless steel AISI 304L scotch brite finish supported by two gas springs, to allow access to the garbage bag to operator in standing position while the cabinet is running, with transition adapter to waste material into the garbage bag.

Hinged window in safety laminated glass framed with anodised aluminium profile supported by two gas springs.

Safety glass side windows.

Double inlet centrifugal fan with direct driven external rotor motor to improve efficiency end reduce noise (less than 58 dB).

Stainless steel swivelling wheels with brake.

Easy access to all the dirty zones inside the cabinet.

30-Watt fluorescent lamp in non-contaminated area.

Garbage bag trolley made of stainless steel AISI 304L scotch brite finish and plastic with swivelling wheels.