The isolator is a system with a product handling area which is completely isolated from the surrounding environment. It usually consists of a work chamber and a pass box to load the materials inside.

Isolator under negative pressure

The system is suitable for handling pharmacologically and chemically highly active substances. The work chamber has a pressure control system, which acts on the speed of the exhaust ventilator. Pressure values can be regulated from between - 50 Pa and - 100 Pa. The gloves for product handling are installed on the front screen on double grooved flanges holding O-Rings, so they can be replaced safely. The products to be handled enter the isolator work chamber via a pass box equipped with interlocked doors. Moreover, the equipment has a “Linear Bag” or RTP system to release any depleted products, as well as a cleaning and decontamination system complete with a system to capture waste discharge.

Isolator under positive pressure

Isolators under positive pressure are designed for situations which require a high level of product protection from microbiological and particle contamination. A front screen physically separates the internal and external environments, so that handling operations cannot contaminate the product. The sleeves of the gloves used for handling are made of latex and the remaining part is made of Hypalon rubber. The isolators are mainly used for sterility tests which require an internal class A environment (GMP classification Annex 1). The quantity of exhaust air is compensated by an equal quantity being sucked in from the surrounding environment by a special double inlet fan, using an innovative motor with an integrated frequency converter. This air is then filtered by an absolute, H14 efficient filter.


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Dispensing isolator

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Powder compounding isolator

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Bin/vessel charging isolator