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Pass Boxes

The product is inserted from the non-sterile, contaminated side and is cleaned by a jet of filtered air. The doors are controlled by a system that avoids both doors from opening simultaneously, thus preventing the cleaner environment from being contaminated.

The principle behind this operation is based on the vertical laminar flow which passes through the pass box from top to bottom. It maintains a cleaning level of ISO 5 inside the Box, which is, therefore, higher than the entry environment of the product. The filter unit consists of an electric blower and a HEPA filter which guarantee constant clean conditions. This is done by constantly recirculating the internal air and part of the intake air is filtered through a special opening at the top of the cabinet.

This enables the internal chamber to be maintained under a slightly positive pressure to create a pressure differential between the two adjacent rooms. Door locking is electrically controlled by a computer for the entire length of the sterilization cycle. In the event of an emergency, such as a blackout during the decontamination cycle, the door on the contaminated side automatically unlocks, so the product inside the box can be removed. On request, the ultraviolet rays produced by the UV lamps on the side walls of the pass box or the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) nebuliser can be used to sterilise micro-organisms at the same time as laminar flow decontamination is taking place.



PT/400 UV pass through box


PT/400 UV and L.A.F. pass through box


PT/1000 UV pass through box


PT/1000 UV and L.A.F. pass through box

Su richiesta

H2O2 Pass Box with PLC for sanitization cycle