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PE (Walk-in refrigerator) (-30°C) - (Cert. 241154-2017-CE-ITA-NA-PS Rev. 0.0 / Not. Body 2460)

High capacity, high performance!

Wide range of capacities (up to 19000 liters).

  • Practical internal organization.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Interior light.
  • Certified as medical devices (93/42/EEC)

Standard equipment:

Service door with a key lock, emergency handle and access ramp wooden pallet

  • Microprocessor control system (E2003)
  • Full stainless steel floor grids anti glaciation..
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Ventilation
  • Tropical execution
  • Internal light
  • Temperature recorder (chart records with pen or with a wireless system)
  • Refrigerant R134a
  • Electric Automatic Defrost


The electrical panel, positioned on the floor, is placed near the cold room, and is as follows:

  • Structure in steel sheet treated and painted.
  • Main breaker fitted with door lock device in accordance with the rules.
  • Warning lights for proper operation of the signaling and signal anomalies.
  • Control panel and remote control with digital display for displaying the temperature.

E2003™ Electronic controller:

  • Microprocessors with two independent sections for settings and alarms
  • Acoustic and visual alarms
  • High and Low temperature alarm
  • Door open alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Back-up battery (up to 48 hours)
  • Remote alarm (4-20 milliamp) contact for external alarm and monitoring systems. 


(Updated il 10.10.2017)



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