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STERILSAFE® series are vertical laminar flow biohazard cabinets, Class II A1-A2, built in accordance with the European Standards EN12469–2000. 

  • Dual motors system with auto adjustment of airflow within the working space according to filter loading conditions.
  • Built-in V worktop. Anti-blocking air return slots.
  • Electrical and angled front window.
  • Right side glass with three portholes to allow the insertion of facilities inside the cabinet.
  • Powerful lightning.
  • Integrated UV Lamp.
  • Optimal angle, of the front panel, to keep a clear view and increase the comfort.

The wide touch screen, the tilting electrical front glass, quiet, comfortable,  the easy to clean and to use combined with top safety make STERILSAFE ® one of the top vertical laminar flow biohazard cabinets in the market. Designed to match all GMP guidelines STERILSAFE ® series key features includes germicidal UV lamp installed on a tilt-away holder, very bright working area, supporting structure epoxy coated, ventilation system by means of two centrifugal fans with a degree of protection IP 55, recirculation and exhaust air filtration by HEPA H14 filters according to EN1822 (with 99.995% efficiency MPPS).

STERILSAFE ® will make their daily work fatigue-free and enjoyable experience.